Tom Swift in Captivity

The story opens with Tom complaining that life lacks adventure. It’s been a while since they returned from Siberia, and a fresh Adrenaline fix is needed to take the edge off sitting around and reading books about faraway places. Tom wants to “go off in the jungle, fight wild beasts and escape from wild savages, […]

Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction

Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders

Tom has had enough of adventure and swears he is going to stay home and live the life of a sedate scientist, working on his many patent applications. He spots a magazine article written by Professor Bumper describing a fabulous underground city containing a large gold idol. Tom’s attitude is “Hrumpf! Gold. Underground city. Savages. […]

Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction

Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers

While young Tom Swift is in a jewelry store shopping for a ring for Mary, he meets a man who claims to be willing to teach Tom how to make diamonds. Later, the man (who happens to be one of the party that Tom rescued in the book Tom Swift and his Wireless Message) tells […]

Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction