Cabin Fever

If you would test the soul of a friend, take him into the wilderness and rub elbows with him for five months. Either you will hate each other forever afterwards, or emerge with contempt tinged with a pitying toleration — or you will be close, unquestioning friends to the end of your days. Genre: Fiction, […]

Genre: Fiction, Westerns


Through hazards, difficulties and dangers, Bob sets out to discover life for himself. With awfully wild terrain and red-Indians around him, he has to find his way. More than the threats posed by nature are those that are created by other humans. A tale of swashbuckling adventures! Genre: Fiction, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Westerns

The Long Shadow

A vigorous Western story, sparkling with the free, outdoor, life of a mountain ranch. Its scenes shift rapidly and its actors play the game of life fearlessly and like men. It is a fine love story from start to finish. Genre: Fiction, Romance, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Westerns

The Lure of the Dim Trails

A vivid portrayal of the experience of an Eastern author, among the cowboys of the West, in search of “local color” for a new novel. “Bud” Thurston learns many a lesson while following “the lure of the dim trails” but the hardest, and probably the most welcome, is that of love. Genre: Fiction, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Westerns

Her Prairie Knight

A realistic story of the plains, describing a gay party of Easterners who exchange a cottage at Newport for the rough homeliness of a Montana ranch-house. The merry-hearted cowboys, the fascinating Beatrice, and the effusive Sir Redmond, become living, breathing personalities. Genre: Fiction, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Westerns

The Happy Family

A lively and amusing story, dealing with the adventures of eighteen jovial, big hearted Montana cowboys. Genre: Fiction, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Westerns