The Blind Spot

What is ‘The Blind Spot?’ A room in San Francisco where strange things happened — a doorway into another cosmos, a different world, perhaps a key to the past… or future? Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

The Devolutionist

All told, this particular session covered a good many hours. The four kept up a more or less connected mental conversation with each other as they went along, except, of course, when the events became too exciting. Mainly they were trying to catch their agents in the proper mood for receiving telepathic communications, and it […]

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

The Lord of Death and the Queen of Life

Now, I will tell ye more. It has come to me lately that Klow is plotting to attack us with strange weapons.” I thought best, considering their ignorance, not to give them my own reasons. “Of course I have told the emperor of it; yet he will not act. He says to wait till we […]

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction