Riders of the Purple Sage

Riders of the Purple Sage is a classic of the Western genre. It is the story of Lassiter, a gunslinging avenger in black, who shows up in a remote Utah town just in time to save the young and beautiful rancher Jane Withersteen from having to marry a Mormon elder against her will. Genre: Fiction, […]

Genre: Fiction, Westerns

The Rustlers of Pecos County

Texas was a huge wide place full of frontiersmen, ranchers, farmers, cowpokes, shiftless no-accounts, shootists, rascals, and politicians — all of them blended together into a single state. The Rangers — lawmen, Texas Rangers — were outnumbered a thousand to one, and in one county — Pecos county — the law was all but helpless. […]

Genre: Fiction, Westerns

The Last of the Plainsmen

This is the record of a trip which the author took with Buffalo Jones, known as the preserver of the American bison, across the Arizona desert and of a hunt in “that wonderful country of deep canons and giant pines.” Genre: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Westerns

The Lone Star Ranger

When he is forced to kill a man after a deadly attack, Buck Duane begins a life on the run while trying to clear his name, and his fortunes are changed by a beautiful woman and a Texas Ranger who offers to pardon him for a price. Genre: Fiction, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Westerns

The Spirit of the Border

He was known as Deathwind to the Ohio Valley Indians, and now Lewis Wetzel must single-handedly save Fort Henry. Armed only with his long rifle and knife, he heads out on a one-man rampage to stop the bloody border wars, to face down Chief Wingenund and to avenge the brutal missionary massacre at Village of […]

Genre: Fiction, Westerns

The Light of Western Stars

A New York society girl buys a ranch which becomes the center of frontier warfare. Her loyal superintendent rescues her when she is captured by bandits. A surprising climax brings the story to a delightful close. Genre: Fiction, Westerns

Genre: Fiction, Westerns