The Hate Disease

The Med Service people hit strange problems as routine: if they weren’t weirdos, they weren’t tough enough to merit Med Service attention. Now the essence of a weird problem is that it involves a factor nobody ever thought of before … or the absence of one nobody ever missed … Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Short […]

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Stories

Operation: Outer Space

Jed Cochrane tried to be cynical as the helicab hummed softly through the night over the city. The cab flew at two thousand feet, where lighted buildings seemed to soar toward it from the canyons which were streets. Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

Space Platform

Space Platform tells of man’s first step into outer space … of the difficulties and dangers of reaching for the stars. It is also an exciting adventure. When young Joe Kenmore came to Bootstrap to install pilot gyros in the Platform he hadn’t bargained for sabotage or murder or love. But Joe learned that ruthless […]

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction